SUGAR - ISMS (shoo g-er-riz-uh mz) (n)

the many unique ways to use, create with and enjoy SUGAR

(think: manner - isms)

I am Maica Larrazabal. I live in West Hills, California, with my husband and our two girls, Leila and Olivia.

I started baking out of love for my oldest daughter when she started craving for muffins, cupcakes and cookies. Eventually, I baked more for her birthday parties. From cupcakes and cookies, I ventured into cakes and even bigger, more complexly designed cakes and I also learned to perfect the tricky craft of baking macarons. Family and friends then started asking me to bake for them, and before I knew it, I started getting orders from friends of friends, and then they became friends of friends of friends of friends. For someone who has never baked until just a few years ago, it was all very exciting for me! What a relief discovering I had inherited my family’s white thumb after all! (My family back home in the Philippines owns a chain of bakeries.)


I love every baking moment I’m given! It is my greatest pleasure to be a part of celebrations in this rather roundabout and a-whole-lot-of-sugar way.

My mission is to inspire you to celebrate milestones, big and small!

Come, celebrate with us

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West Hills, California


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